About The Organization


Business Information

  • Business Name: Learning Organizations @ Work
    It consists of the following arms:
    – Systems Thinkers @ Work Research Institute
    – Team Learners @ Work Training Academy
    – Pinnacle Consulting Group
    – The Operations Management & Administrative Coordination Office manages the entire outfit.
  • Company Registration: CO2012/8912
  • Business Address: Plot 1455, Mogoditshane, Botswana
  • Email: sheilasingapore@gmail.com
  • Tel: 267-75-9875-34

General Business Activities

Learning Organizations’ Consulting Group has been established in Botswana as a consultancy-cum-research company since 2012.

Since then we have grown a modest team of researchers who also double up as administrators with the tenacity and clarity needed to carry the work beyond itself.

This process of generation is constantly renewing and undergoing development and our doors are open to individuals and teams keen to hone this skill and be a part of something larger than ourselves.

While revenue generation is important in the organization, just as it is for any organization, it understands, that that happening is incumbent on the extent the results of the work we do become a natural part of everyday living for the man on the street and leads to turn his actions to consistent real GDP growth (and at constant prices) for the nation and for the region and wealth for the individuals without creating wide gaps between the haves and the have nots, and he learns to be very aware of how he made those objectives happen.

At which point our revenues will be based on a percentage of GDP growth of the nation (no kidding!).

Till then, our business model is based on cost-recovery and in the interim period revenue generation through on-the-job training consequent to the results developed by the  research arm.

Company Strategy

  • Purpose Our focus is on Systemic Strategy Development Consulting.
  • Vision To see the work provide the means for the average man on the street to learn to influence the growth of his nation by his actions (not just by the advocacy of his words).
  • Mission statement To provide assistance to individuals wanting to acquire skills and knowledge in the practical application of the five disciplines of Learning Organization in everyday living in societies and communities.
  • Core values Tenacity and clarity that comes with holding the creative tension alive in one’s everyday life.
  • Goals To build a good reputation in the field of being a healthy part of helping nations grow.


Scope of Work

We conduct research, training and consultancy in the understanding of concerns of regional and national significance that are relentless in its nature despite consistent efforts by those mandated to deal with it.  Ignoring the persistence of such issues, would mean it “sucks us” into designing solutions that feeds the persistence.  The consultancy effort in turn, facilitate the co-creation of ways to reverse the effects of such persistence as a nation that creates growths that are more desirable in its place as a group.  As an example, it could be learning to create abundance as opposed to eradicating poverty.

It would seem alright to throw money after the construction of roads and buildings as a means of uplifting the lives of urban and rural dwellers.  However, the rate at which that happens would mean if whether we are responding more so to the rate of population needs as opposed to real economic growth which makes such efforts unsustainable and continued reliance on loans and borrowings, aids and grants.

And should we take that same methodology to throwing money after health, education, natural resources, employment and the economy, it will typically not, bring back the returns we had hoped for, as experience would attest to.  As a nation, its sustenance would continue to be at the wills and demands of forces and interests beyond the nation.

That is until we can begin to understand what causes these concerns to keep returning.  That’s where a work such as this would begin to play its part.  As we deepen our understanding of this type of dynamic complexities, the solution often becomes simple!  See case studies attached.

The results of such research may be incorporated as part of planning efforts at national and regional platforms.

 Although most of the times the work is best realized when working the understanding and therefore solutions up from the grassroots level.  You would see the country saving (instead of spending) on tons of money.  Money that is legitimately yours and spent in now well-deserved uplifting of infrastructure and national development.

The program is developed based on the seminal publication by the renowned international author, Dr Peter Senge called the “The Fifth Discipline, the Art and Practice of Learning Organizations” and its key competencies form the underpinnings of our training and research works for sustained profound change as a nation (not just that of the individual or the team or an organization).

Expected Activities of the Research Institute

Who we are looking for:

 It is open to executives and professionals (locals or otherwise) working within the country past, present and, also the future.

It presents a platform to interact outside your immediate work spaces with other professionals in the country and the region in ways that allow reflection of learning in support of furthering your own professional development.

So if you are a management director or executive, medical professional, agriculturalist, geologist, economist, family and community development professional, statistician, engineer, accountant, auditor, legal practitioner, military and police professional, HR professional, meterologist, environmentalist, educationist, finance managers, chief executives of government, parastatal and private sector organizations and we are sure there are many more, we want you to be a part of our research team.

Scope of initial training:

In the initial two years, you will undertake a process of learning and internalizing the five disciplines of the works by Dr Peter Senge and learns to let it co-exist alongside the skills and knowledge you already possess in your professional area.


This takes the form of two and half-hour weekly workshop sessions led by Sheila and her senior team at 200 pula per month for four sessions or 4,000 pula for the entire two year training (at ten months per year) completing 200 session hours over a twenty months of work period.

Alternatively, teams can undertake 5-day workshop sessions over five modules with two month inter-session assignments in between the modules and spanning ten months.

Scope of initial works and final development:

By the end of the training period, you and the team now becomes ready to undertake research works conducted by the institute.

You shall now in the third and fourth years be applying your newly assimilated set of skills and knowledge in conducting research and developing ways at looking at issues more systemically initially internally as part of the research team.  You shall also be gradually involved in conducting spot client training.  Beyond the fourth year, you will be guided through in leading as well as facilitating client organizations in developing systemic solutions for the issues they are handling.

The outcome of what we achieve as a research team and learn as a group promises to hold the potential to grow the organization (as well as and generate income, yes as a percentage of GDP growth, no kidding!) regionally and eventually globally.

Contact: 75-9875-34

Email: sheilasingapore@gmail.com


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