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Ms Sheila Damodaran, Managing Director and Lead Consultant

Sheila is a strategy development consultant who helps national leaders develop the confidence and habits they need to make a systemic impact and growth of their national economies.

She is a professional corporate trainer with a management degree from National University of Singapore, as well as professional certifications from Civil Service College of Singapore. She is currently developing a series of business ventures in Africa.

Visit her blog to get free access to the tools of her works.


Let me break this down for you.

Systems Thinking with its four sister disciplines (mental models, team learning, personal mastery and shared vision), assist nations identify and then take the roots out of, like weeds, resistant issues that demand national responses.

For example, droughts, crime, unemployment, low school grades, health scares, lifestyle diseases, divorce rates, work ethic, production of raw material, water supply, and so on. Mostly, we attribute such to resource unavailability.  However, these are in fact, resource sappers. Now, their effects begin to dissipate.

Stay with me here because what happens next is, nations learn to release resources tied up in fighting these issues and drive them into education, infrastructure and seeing populations grow.

And now you are thinking, why does this work?  That’s because the work targets the resistance, not just the issue.

That’s when it begins to hit us. That it is not good enough to ‘try to do things better’. We need to learn to ‘do better things’.

Is this something you would like to see happen for your country?

But there is a catch. Clients undergo rigorous study of works by Drs Peter Senge (the five disciplines), Chris Argyris (defensive conversations & skillful discussion) and Sandra Seagal (human personality distinction) in preparing to do the job.

For documented use of the tools, refer to her blog: https://sheilasingapore.wordpress.com/
Pinnacle Academy website: https://pinnacleacademy.weebly.com/

She has been in the field for over two decades and she combines insights from works of Drs Peter Senge (the five disciplines of”The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of Learning Organizations”), Chris Argyris (defensive conversations & skillful discussion), Robert Greenleaf (servant leadership) and Sandra Seagal (human personality distinctions) in her everyday practice.

But there is more.  She is currently involved in a medium-term project in Botswana understanding and dealing with persistent issues affecting the country .  These include understanding the nature of:

  • Systemic development human resources and their interactions with each other (education, youth, labor, organizations, family, village, communities and districts);
  • Systemic development of natural resources and their interaction with humans (systemic growth of livestock and crop production, wildlife management, human health);
  • Systemic development of factors of the national economy (systemic use of land, technology, waste management) and economic resources (systemic development of financial and economic development for the country) to;
  • Systemic management and development of local and international relations.

These efforts have allowed the country to see how it is able to reduce its deficit by more than 50%.

Her wish is to continue the uncovering of systemic structures that dominate public life and encourage the seeing and understanding of dynamic complexities surrounding these structures among the populace and pass on these skills to teams so they may use it to create results that matter for themselves as well.

The lessons we learn as a country can go beyond it to the United Nations.

This site gives a picture of what she intends to include in a book sharing her experiences as she take this journey with the works.

She would like to hear your reactions and learnings here.

I hope you enjoy reading and participating in the blog.

Warmly, Sheila

Sheila Damodaran (Ms)
Pinnacle Academy
Botswana: +267-75-9875-34
Web Addresses:


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