About Me and the Site

Offers consultancy in the systemic development of regional, national and sectoral strategies.  In doing so, I do training and facilitation in the use of disciplines and tools based on “The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of Learning Organizations”, the landmark publication by Dr Peter Senge.

Works with national leaders who are keen to learn, understand and work with systemic challenges facing their nation. This subject becomes key to leadership and strategy development  for the public sector.

Been in this field for 20 years. Combines insights from works of Drs Peter Senge, Chris Argyris, Robert Greenleaf and Sandra Seagal.

Currently involved in a medium-term project in Botswana understanding and dealing with persistent issues affecting the country .  These include understanding the systemic development of:

  • Human resources (education, youth, labour, organizations, family, village, communities);
  • Natural resources (systemic growth of livestock and crop production, wildlife management, human health);
  • Technical (systemic use of land, technology, waste management) and economic resources (systemic development of financial and economic development for the country) to;
  • Managing local and international relations systemically.

These efforts saw the country able to reduce its deficit by more than 50%.   More here: http://www.lopn.net/ST_Casestudy_Growing_A_Nation.html

My wish is to continue the uncovering of systemic structures that are there in nations through the works in the public sector and encourage the seeing and understanding of dynamic complexities surrounding these structures among the populace and pass on these skills to teams so they may use it to create results that matter for themselves as well.

The lessons we learn as a country go beyond it to the United Nations.

This site meanwhile gives a picture of what I hope to include in a book of, my experiences in the course of the journey I am taking with this work.

I would like to hear your thoughts and reactions to what you see here and I am sure they would help us learn to serve to help the world in dealing with issues that bog us down and prevent us from taking the world to where we would rather be in or aspire to create.

I hope you enjoy reading and participating in the blog.

Warmly, Sheila

Sheila Damodaran (Ms)
Learning Organizations @ Work
Botswana: +267-75-9875-34
Postal Address:
PO Box 3274, Main Mall,
Web Addresses:
Email: sheilasingapore@gmail.com
Skype Address: sheila_singapore

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